Greek Meze platter

Greek Meze platter 700 518 Sparta Gourmet

Greek Meze platter

Preparation time: 15′

  • cherry tomatoes
  • sliced cucumbers
  • Kalamon olives
  • feta cheese (in little cubes)
  • slices of bread with olive paste and marinated Octopus in vinegar

In Greece, the best way to accompany a glass of wine, ouzo or tsipouro is with an assortment of “mezedes” (the plural of meze). Meze means “a little delicacy” in Greek and is also called “Greek tapas” by some people. It takes just a little time to prepare a delicious plate for you and your friends. Just combine ingredients and foods of the Mediterranean cuisine that need little or almost no preparation.


For a typical Greek meze you can fill your platter with: Cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, Kalamon olives, feta cheese (in little cubes), slices of bread with olive paste and marinated Octopus in vinegar. Don’t forget to drizzle everything with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkle with oregano.

You can adjust Greek meze according to the flavors you prefer. Other ingredients/foods you can serve in a Greek meze platter are: Shrimps, fried little squids, sardines, Greek dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) and potato salad.


When the salad is finished, you can dip a chunk of bread in the leftover extra virgin olive oil (which will be mixed with the juices from the tomato and crumbles of the feta cheese).