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Our Facilities

Our 10,000 square meter facility, completed in 2018, uses Alfa Laval’s Contherm systems, featuring the latest technology in olive oil extraction. With controlled storage for 4,000 tons of olives and oil, we are equipped to service even the largest, most demanding markets. Quality is our priority. Sparta Gourmet looks forward to providing the best to all of our clients, producers and customers.

Our Products

Our Spartan olive groves produce an authentic, traditional extra virgin olive oil. Containing various beneficial antioxidants and monosaturated fats, it is a central ingredient in the “Mediterranean Diet,” recommended for healthful daily consumption and embodying the wealth of nature with every taste. Our Kalamata variety olives are the hidden gems of the Peloponnese. Fertile soils, mountainous terrain and the perfect climate bring forth one of the most awarded and internationally acclaimed olives.


9th km Spartis Gytheiou (162,51 km)
23100 Ancient Sparta
Tel.: 2731 200400

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